101 Reasons To Smile

I hope you smile.

#26: How Not To Be A Spy

I did a little spy work today.

Well, it wasn’t really spy work. I just Googled a phone number. (I love that “Google” is a verb!)

It’s not as wierd as it sounds. It’s a long story. That does NOT include me stalking anyone.

I promise.

Anyways, whenever I do something like that, something spy-like, I want to be a spy. And yea, you might laugh to hear it, but I seriously considered working in the CIA or the FBI for awhile there. Can’t you totally see it?

Oh yea!! Gotta love bad editing!

Yea…me neither.

I realized that there are some characteristics that indicate one would be a bad spy. I listed the below for you to view at leisure.

1. An hour after meeting you, people say something like: "I feel like I've known you forever!"

(Followed with, “And I need to leave now.” All this is said with a glazed-over expression and a distantly polite smile.)

2. You get scared easily. Although I totally understand why this kid is scared. Anyone recognize the hottie who's holding him? =)

(Seriously though, that should be child abuse!)

3. You have no reason to spy on someone. If you spy on someone because you are bored, you're not a spy. But you are nosy!

(I hate when this happens. If someone invents unbreakable pencil lead I will love them forever.)

Also, this isn’t really an excluding characteristic, but it is a good reason not to be a spy: You might get caught.

Remember her?

Yea…me neither.


5 comments on “#26: How Not To Be A Spy

  1. Claire Fischer
    October 29, 2011

    lol funny as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stalker girl!!!!

  2. Nathan McDaniels
    October 29, 2011

    Hey Abby. Great blog. How about you not stoop at 101, keep going. Just what I need to de-stress.

    • Abigail
      October 29, 2011

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you like it! =) We’ll see what happens when I make it to 101.

      • Nathan McDaniels
        October 31, 2011

        You will be in the habit by then and won’t even notice.


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