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Special Edition: Little Brother/Fred Hoko Boger-Boger

Hi peoples guess what (actually if u ever play a guessing game don’t guess “what”) this is officially the 1ST time Fred Hoko Boger-Boger wrote a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

Pretty cool, huh? Well, you weren’t supposed to answer that. I was. It is.

Guess what? Right now I’m whacking my sister on the head because she is writing everything I say. Even the “arghs”.

Well, anyway, to the point: I’m gonna tell you a story by Jo. There was a guy and then he got shot and then he died. The end. I know. Kind of lame, right? Whatever. When I told him that he called me a punk and squeezed me. But he always does that. Anyway.

I’m thinking of what to say now. Just I don’t have any ideas. So you can call me at thisphonenumberdoesn’texist.com. I know the “.com” was kind of random, but anyway let’s get to the point.

Well, actually there is no point to this letter. But it’s funny. So hahahaha.

Well, guess what?  I would be a really bad robber.

Number one reason why I would be a bad robber: I’m always loud and I’m not very sneaky.

Number two: Whenever they do the “Look-me-in-the-eyes-and-tell-me-you-didn’t-steal-it” thing, I always crack a smile. Even if I didn’t steal the thing. Whenever my bro Ja, does it he makes this really funny face and it makes me laugh.

Number three: If I ever steal anything that belongs to my brothers, I just admit to it and run away.

So you get the idea. If I’m ever a robber I’m going to jail. Unless it’s a car chase. Then I might get a chance. But I really think I should just stick with being a baseball player when I grow up, not being a robber.

Okay this is really random, but whenever you’re a little kid you wanna grow up to be a policeman or a fireman, agreed?

Be cool.


The author of this post.

2 comments on “Special Edition: Little Brother/Fred Hoko Boger-Boger

  1. Claire Fischer
    October 30, 2011

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i give this a 5 star rating

  2. Lili
    October 30, 2011

    bahaha this is very cool, Fred. thank you for entertaining me. ;D


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