101 Reasons To Smile

I hope you smile.

#27: If You’re Cold and You Know It…

First of all, I would just like to tell you that yesterday was November 2. And it was at least 70 degrees in Chicago! Okay, not exactly in Chicago, but in the Chicago area. 😀

Who would have thought I could be wearing these in November!?!? (Gotta love bad quality webcam pictures!)

Today, as you may have guessed, is November 3. It is 46 degrees. Can anyone say temperature drop? 😦

Sometimes I really hate this weather gadget.

However, I didn’t really realize how cold 46 degrees was when I went to babysit this morning. I thought I would walk. How fun! Right? Nope. I was frozen halfway through the walk. And I wasn’t even wearing my Northface. I was one cold little girl! 😐

I told myself,

“But at least when I get there I will get to spend an hour playing with nice little kids in a nice warm house! :-)”

But no. When I got there, no little kids came. So I didn’t have to babysit and I didn’t get to stay in a nice warm house. 😦

Moral of the story: Wear a jacket at all times. It’s nice to be warm!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I wanted this earlier today. And yes, I do realize it's a men's North Face and I'm a girl. So no comments on that please. =)


10 comments on “#27: If You’re Cold and You Know It…

  1. Nathan McDaniels
    November 3, 2011

    Well you asked so, “Temperature drop!” Maybe you should have run instead of walking.

    • Nathan McDaniels
      November 3, 2011

      What webcam/software do you have?

      • Abigail
        November 3, 2011

        If I knew I would tell you =)

    • Abigail
      November 3, 2011

      Haha very funny =)

  2. Claire Fischer
    November 4, 2011

    wow!!! i love ur new format!!!!!

  3. Natalie
    November 6, 2011

    Abby, I really love reading your blog. They are so funny and some even have cute morals to go along with the post =) I gotta say, even though I don’t get to see or talk to you every day ( like i would like to) It feels like I am talking to you and hearing whats going on +)
    Thank you so much for sending me your blog Abby.
    ❤ Natalie

    • Abigail
      November 6, 2011

      aw! thanks =) I’m glad you like it! =)

  4. Natalie
    November 6, 2011

    P.S I really love Northface blazers too. So I know what you mean when you said how bad you wanted that one. I think the black one would look great on you, even if it is a guys, who cares? I love them all!
    ❤ Natalie

    • Abigail
      November 6, 2011

      I hope to get a new one around Christmas time! So you can have my old one =)


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