101 Reasons To Smile

I hope you smile.

#56: Not A Reason To Smile

Please share this. No matter how you feel about US foreign policy, the ICC, or even the film in general. This is something that needs to stop.

2 comments on “#56: Not A Reason To Smile

  1. Claire Fischer
    March 8, 2012

    Reblogged this on Running on Full and commented:
    Wow. We are so lucky to live in the US. Please reshare this because this is such an important issue that not many people know about. Imagine that it was your child who was abducted by these evil men. Or that YOU were taken away from everyone who loved you forever and forced to do unimaginable evils. We need to help. We need to take a stand

  2. Jacob
    March 9, 2012

    That is so cool to know about what is going on over there and know that we can help to stop it! But how many countries should we invade, because this goes on in so many countries around the world and is not just limited to Africa? So wouldn’t it be better to instead of sending in regular us troops like we are now to just one place and instead start a group of military volunteers like the Flying Tigers of World War II to fight this evil where ever it goes on and not just in Africa.


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