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Special Edition: A Very Speshul Blog

I would just like to let you guys know all about my dear friend Lisa.

Lisa has been one of my best friends since I was in 8th grade. Other friends have come and gone, but Lisa has always been a loyal friend! =)

Here's a picture of us two years ago.

And here's a more recent--though slightly less flattering--picture from last summer

Anyway, all this is to say that Lisa recently started a blog called oceandeeps.wordpress.com. Her blog is a lot different from mine. But it would be great if you would check it out. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!

5 comments on “Special Edition: A Very Speshul Blog

  1. Claire Fischer
    March 14, 2012

    Oh please! You guys look lovely in both pics!!! ❤

  2. lilisocean
    March 14, 2012

    aw t’anks Abby! =)

  3. White Lightning
    March 21, 2012

    I read your blog, Lili

    I didn’t know you were so into poetry, but I shall look more now that I know this.

    oh, and hi Abby, since this really is your blog, 🙂

    • Abigail
      March 21, 2012

      hahahahaha you are sooooooooo funny

      • White Lightning
        March 21, 2012

        why?? I didn’t even say anything that was funny! -is confused-


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